Sunday, 19 April 2009

Why I Blog

In yet another competition from which I was disqualified, Giovanni Tiso suggested a title for a blog post least likely to be read might be 'Why I Blog.' He then challenged Paul Litterick to read all 181, 000 posts on the subject (follow the link and you'll see my poor google skills in action, btw). Paul took up the challenge, only to discover, much to everyone's dismay I'm sure, that there have only been about 500 posts with that title in the whole history of the internet. Between the entry of the word into the mainstream media over the past decade, and the obvious narcissism of anyone who writes one of these things (myself excluded, of course, for I am doing it ironically), it seems to me that there should thousands upon thousands of blog entries on this subject.

So, as promised to the people of PAS, Why I Blog was to be a blog that both reviewed posts entitled why I blog, and added a stream of new posts with that title, in order to fill the apparent void. But I soon realised that it all sounded too much like work. Besides, it's all about microblogging these days, and in that, too, I just lost interest.

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